Montpelier Public Schools district is one of just three school systems in Vermont chosen by the Vermont Department of Health and the Agency of Education to receive a grant to implement the CDC’s Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model for learning and health. The WSCC model focuses its attention on the child, emphasizes a school-wide approach, and acknowledges learning, health, and the school as being a part and reflection of the local community.

The team includes members of our community representing all aspects of school health: administrators, health education teachers, students, healthcare professionals, employee wellness, positive behavior support, school counseling, building/maintenance, teachers, parents, physical education teacher and community members. In addition to the District-wide team, each school has its own Coordinated School Health Team as recommended in the VT Education Quality Standards.

In our next edition of the Bulletin we will share our new blog as a clearinghouse for all the health and wellness initiatives happening in MPS. Join in the fun and become a Health and Wellness Champion!

Liliane Savard

Montpelier Health and Wellness Coordinator

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Time to Celebrate!

So much has been accomplished...... It is time to celebrate!

Look at the District Health and Wellness Report 2016-2017 to see pictures and status on our progress.

As she is now retiring, we want to thank Betty Hammond for her constant support in the past 5 years. As we discussed ways to improve the food program, she explained the complex legal requirements that need to be met and she helped implement the activities we piloted. For example, UES now has a "shared table": When children do not want a food from their tray that they must take for a "reimbursable meal", they can put it aside in a cold tray. Children who are still hungry or need extra snack throughout the day can have this food for free!

There is so much do!

We are now planning for next year as we were tasked by the School Board to support our new Food Service Director in developing a vision and budget recommendations to improve the nutrition experience of our MSP community.

We need your help to continue our programs! Contact our new coordinator, Adrienne Gil at healthwellness@mpsvt.org to join the team.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Implementation of our revised policy is under way!

This new school year, the Health and Wellness Teams at each of our schools are working hard to evaluate or practices, disseminate information about our new policy and implement best practices across the district.

We are also excited to have new team members including parents and community partners. Among them is our new Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at MSMS, Susan O'Brien. She is bringing new recipes to the bake sales at MSMS to meet the USDA Smart Snack standards. This is quite a challenge but she brings amazing creativity, from home made humus, to nachos and guacamole!

Take a moment to look at the links on the right side of this blog and become familiar with the activities of our Health and Wellness Team.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Revised Nutrition and Wellness Policy adopted!

On June 1st, 2016, the School Board adopted the revised Nutrition and Wellness policy. This new policy meets all the legal requirements from the Healthy Hunger-free Kids Act of 2010 for our Food Service and Nutrition Programs. It also meets Vermont's Education Quality Standards for Health Education, Physical Education and Physical Activity.  The revision of the policy along with implementation activities of this policy are supported by a grant from the Department of Health.

The Health and Wellness teams have received many proposals for activities aiming at implementing our newly revised policy. They range from collaboration between teachers and students across the middle and high school to increase sexual education opportunities to the purchase of cooking tools to expand the Food Service and Healthy Snack Program offerings to the building and design of garden and new active and creative play options for our elementary school playground.

If you are a health and wellness champion at heart and feel that happy, well fed, fit and safe kids learn better, then contact you school nurse and join our team!

The dates and locations of the local schools and District team meetings for 2016-2017 will be posted soon on the blog. Stay tuned and feel free to drop in or join as a regular member of your team.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Corporate Cup on May 12th, take the challenge!

Register quick: we have until tomorrow Monday April 25th! Here is the link for UES teams. MSMS and MHS call your friends and sign up. When you have your team, one person needs to register all 3 members for a total cost of 75$. Lets see which school gets the most participants! Invest in your health!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wellness Policy Update

Dear Montpelier Public Schools community, The District Health and Wellness Team is working at updating the mandated District Wellness Policy. We would welcome your comments and feedback on the revised Wellness Policy draft. Please feel free to comment on this blog or send your e-mail to the team coordinator, Liliane Savard at healthwellness@mpsvt.org. The revised policy will be on the upcoming School Board meeting's agenda and your participation is most appreciated!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Why is the Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community model important?

Health and Wellness Bulletin

As we approach our winter recess, many health and wellness initiatives are happening across our school district!
Here are a few pictures from the UPP project to redesign the playground at Union Elementary School. Students from UVM provided design ideas that were shared with the community and students on Monday and Tuesday this week. Parents, students and school staff were encouraged to comment on the plans by using sticky notes posted on the plans. Many great ideas and so much energy! Way to go UPP committee!

Also Union Elementary School PE teachers Marie Jennings (MJ) and Emmanuel Riby-Williams organized a snowboard initiation session for our 1st graders with a team from Burton who provided great educational materials including indoor snowboards and video. Thanks to our PE faculty, Burton staff and our 1st grade teachers for making this event a great success!

Finally, MSMS and MHS Health and Wellness Teams are looking for parents and students to join the teams. Contact Liliane Savard at healthwellness@mpsvt.org if you are interested or have projects you would like to suggest.